Want to see what KISS’ Monster album cover will look like? omg! has one of eight puzzle pieces

Kathleen Perricone

It's not every day that a band releases its 20th album. So for KISS' mega milestone, the iconic rock band is rolling out an online scavenger hunt to get their army hyped for the October 16 release. For seven consecutive days, beginning this past Tuesday, fans have been directed to a different site that has one of eight puzzle pieces that when put together unlock the cover art for Monster — and omg! has piece No. 6. Now that you have it (see below), go to KISS' Facebook page to add it to your collection. The final piece of the puzzle will be released on Monday, just one day before Monster will be available for pre-order iTunes (it's also available now for pre-order on Amazon).

To add this piece to your collection, go to KISS' Facebook page:


The first single from Monster, "Hell or Hallelujah," was released on July 2 and immediately rocketed to the top of the charts, debuting at No. 1 on iTunes Top Rock Songs in the U.S. and four other countries. The rest of Monster will sound much like classic KISS, says singer Gene Simmons, who has described it as a mix of the band's last album, 2009's Sonic Boom, as well as previous releases Destroyer and Revenge. The A&E reality star also told UGO.com that it was "meat and potatoes. You know it's going to be like Santa Claus. Up and down, everybody gets used to this and that, and things change, and fashion changes, but it's good to know that Santa comes, and he's not going to change his outfit and you know what you're going to get: gifts. Consistency of message."

But Monster is also a taste of where KISS' sound is headed, adds guitarist and singer Paul Stanley. "When we did Sonic Boom, it was a big task for us because we were saying, 'How do we define who we are today without losing who we've been?'" he said in an interview with VH1. "So, that was a tall order for us, but once we got that under our belts, we wanted to go back in and Monster is far, far beyond anything we've done in terms of Sonic Boom and yet it's right up there with some of the best stuff we've done. It's KISS."

And after nearly 40 years as one of the most successful rock bands, classic KISS is probably not such a bad idea.

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