Taylor Swift releases new breakup song: ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’

All of Taylor Swift's exes better hide. The singer doubled her fans' excitement on Monday when she announced during a live online chat that she will be releasing her fourth album, Red, on October 22, and then also dropped its first single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." The track, a very pop-centric song that is quite a departure for the country star, is about an ex-boyfriend who tells all his friends that he and Swift will be reuniting even though that is not in the cards.

Swift, 22, told ABC in an interview that previewed on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday that the idea for the song came about while she was in the recording studio with Britney Spears' hitmakers Max Martin and Shellback. "This guy walks in who is a friend of my ex's and starts talking about how he's heard we're going to get back together," she explained. "And that was not the case ... So I start telling them the story: break up, get back together, break up, get back together — just, ugh, the worst! And I picked up the guitar and Max said, 'This is what we're writing.'"

So who is the guy in question? Swift hasn't said … yet. Between the recording of her last album, 2010's Speak Now, and the new one, she has been linked to Jake Gyllenhaal, "Glee" actors Chord Overstreet and Cory Monteith, and "My Week With Marilyn" actor Eddie Redmayne. But while Swift — who is now dating 18-year-old Conor Kennedy — is not naming names exactly, she is singing about them all on Red. It's named so "because of the tumultuous, crazy adventures in love and loss that it chronicles," she said. "In my mind, when you experience love that's fast paced and out of control and mixes infatuation, jealousy, frustration, miscommunication, and all of those lovely emotions … in retrospect, it all looks red."

Swift had so much material, she initially wrote more than 30 songs for the album, but has whittled that number down to 16 tracks, including one with singer Ed Sheeran, who wowed at the Olympics closing ceremony with his cover of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." In the online chat, Swift told fans, "I am so excited for you to hear the new direction of things."

What do you think of Taylor's new song?

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