Taylor Swift brings Conor Kennedy to Nashville to meet her parents

Taylor Swift is probably penning a sweet song about Conor Kennedy at this very moment because things between the new couple are getting serious!

After spending several weekends summer lovin' it up at the famed Kennedy compound in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the country singer invited her new boyfriend to her adopted hometown of Nashville, Tennessee, to meet her parents. Earlier this week, the foursome enjoyed dinner out at a local restaurant. Taylor, 22, was wearing a floral dress for the special occasion while Conor, 18, went casual in a flannel shirt. Although there was recently an unconfirmed report that Taylor's parents, Scott and Andrea, are going through a divorce, they sat next to each other during what appeared to be a drama-free meal.

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That was just one of several Swiftedy (TaCo?) sightings during their trip to Nashville, were Taylor owns a $2.5 million penthouse condo in The Adelicia complex. Twitter has been blowing up with photos of the twosome at several restaurants. They apparently also had breakfast at Pancake Pantry in Hillsboro Village, and then, along with one of Taylor's friends, they dined at Edley's Bar-B-Que in Nashville's 12 South district. At one point two fans approached the table and asked Conor to take a photo of them with the Grammy-winning singer.

While Conor meeting Taylor's parents is a big step, Taylor is already in with her beau's famous family. A longtime fan of the Kennedys, Taylor met Conor's one of Conor's many aunts, Rory Kennedy, after the filmmaker brought her two children to one of Taylor's concerts. Taylor later attended a screening of Rory's HBO documentary "Ethel," where she met Robert F. Kennedy's widow, the movie's subject, who is Conor's grandmother.

Over the July 4th weekend, Taylor was seen at the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port for the first time. She's since made several trips there to spend time with Conor and they've been seen all over the Cape Cod vacation town — grabbing a slice at a local pizza shop, attending a house party, and boating with Conor's father, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Taylor also accompanied Conor to his hometown of Bedford, New York, where she dined with him after he attended a court proceeding related to the estate of his recently deceased mother, Mary Richardson Kennedy.

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Further proving she's chummy with Conor's extended family, matriarch Ethel has already given her blessing to the relationship. At a recent Television Critics Association event in Beverly Hills, Ethel was asked about Taylor potentially becoming part of her family. "We should be so lucky," she replied.

No word on whether Scott and Andrea Swift feel the same way, but nobody is flipping tables or doing anything too crazy in the photo of their dinner out, so things seem promising.

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