Rihanna Kicks off Global 777 Tour With Champagne and Fans

Seven is a lucky number for a bunch of Rihanna fans. In honor of her seventh album, Unapologetic, the singer brought along dozens of her devoted Rihanna Navy for a seven-day tour to seven countries (with a concert in each one) — and all aboard a private jet no less. The 777 Tour kicked off on Wednesday in Mexico City with the superstar walking down the aisles of the 300-seat plane pouring shots of champagne to passengers, which also included 150 journalists, one of whom is Yahoo! Music's own Billy Johnson Jr.

And the perks didn't end there. Shortly after takeoff, Rihanna got on the intercom to unveil her next surprise. "Would everybody look in their gift bag right now?" she asked. "There's a tiny little string in there, and it looks sh-tty and cheap but if you read the fine print it's a real diamond … I don't want you guys to lose that."

After the plane erupted into cheers, Rihanna added, "You can never say you never had a diamond in your life. You're so very special. I love you."

The trip was especially bright for two VIP fans, who have braved blizzards and hurricanes just to support their favorite singer. Tamara Wray and Janise Williams were hand-picked to join Rihanna on this history-making journey, and Wray, 21, even cried when she got the invite for the 777 Tour. "I was just so excited, I just couldn't believe I was going to all these countries," she told Yahoo! Music. "[Rihanna] is real good with fans."

After Mexico City, the 777 Tour is headed to Toronto on Thursday, followed by Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, London, and New York City.

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