Nicki Minaj Leaves 11 Million Twitter Followers in the Lurch

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Nicki Minaj has had it with all this newfangled Internet stuff! The 29-year-old singer got so frustrated with a fansite that was leaking some of her new songs on the Web recently, she punished her whopping 11 million Twitter followers by closing down her account on the social networking site on Monday.

"Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f*cking bye," she wrote as her swansong tweet before her Twitter page went blank.

Her rash decision doesn't have to be permanent, however. If cooler heads prevail over the next month, Twitter allows users to re-establish a deleted account within 30 days of taking it down. After that it will be lost in cyberspace forever.

Earlier on Monday, it looked like the pop star was only going to reprimand the site in question — called, which now appears to be shut down — for illegally distributing the songs from Minaj's Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album, when she blocked it from her Twitter account. But eventually she decided to leave all of her followers out in the cold. Talk about one bad apple spoiling the bunch!

"Nope. Nope Stop playing @NICKIMINAJ WE NEED YOU," one follower tweeted on Tuesday. "We learned our lesson. we took lots of things for granted. NOT NO MORE. PLEASE COME BACK!"

"That depressing moment when you go to @NICKIMINAJ account and it says this user does not exist :(" another fan lamented.

But Nicki wasn't sitting by her computer debating whether or not to make a triumphant Twitter return. On Tuesday she was photographed (in a Muppetesque bright pink faux fur jacket) landing at London's Heathrow airport, in town to promote her new album. Normally, she might tweet out hello to her U.K. friends and let them know how excited she is to be across the pond.

But this time? Silence.

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