The New Kids’ mustache mania

They're still called the New Kids on the Block, but they're not actually new, nor are they kids anymore. That means the guys have got to get a little creative when it comes to drumming up some publicity. On Wednesday, band member Donnie Wahlberg did just that when he tweeted a pic of himself and his (mostly shirtless) fellow "New Kids" sporting mustaches in what appeared to be some sort of public shower. Well, guys, the stunt was just crazy enough to work, as here you are, getting press.

The photo features (L-R) Joey McIntyre, 39; Jonathan Knight, 43; Jonathan's younger brother, 42-year-old Jordan; Wahlberg, 42; and 43-year-old Danny Wood giving the camera serious gazes, while their facial hair takes center stage. "After 3 months cultivating, countless insults, thousands of requests to shave the #stache," Walhberg wrote on the Twitter post.

Tragically, the photo captured what will be probably the last time all five musical members will sport mustaches together this summer. Wahlberg shaved off his upper-lip hair shortly after the shot was taken in preparation for another season of the CBS police drama "Bluebloods." The singer-turned-actor, who plays the son of Tom Selleck's character in the show, made sure the de-mustacheing was caught on video and promptly posted to Twitter. "I got a memo from the old man," he says in the video, referring to Selleck. "Stache gotta' go." Someone behind him in the makeup trailer then unfurls a poster of Selleck from back in the day. "Dad, are you sure I can't keep the stache?" Wahlberg asks, before shaving it off.

If one were to judge the fellas' post-NKOTB fame by their sheer number of Twitter followers, Donnie (who happens to be the brother of the superstar Mark Wahlberg) would win by a landslide with his more than 354,000 fans. Jordan's a distant second with just over 185,000; one-time "Dancing With the Stars" contestant Joey's got a little more than 156,000; Jonathan has 139,000 people checking out his tweets, and poor Danny only recently reached the six-figure mark and is still shy of 102,000.

So can Wahlberg's fellow former teen heartthrobs ever have a Twitter fan base that rivals his? It would be a tough feat, considering he's got the family fame thing going and stars in a primetime series. But step by step, guys. Step by step.

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