Christina Aguilera Is Guilty of TMI – Again!

Christina Aguilera has always scored points in our eyes for being candid — when it comes to her music as well as in her personal life — but lately, instead of being open, it seems she's become guilty of oversharing. We're still recovering from her October appearance on "Chelsea Lately," in which the mom of 4-year-old son Max revealed her dislike of panties. "I don't wear underwear," she offered. "I like to be as free as possible at all times. It's just who I am."

And her TMI tear continued on Friday. During an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Aguilera revealed the real reason why she always has a fan in hand while appearing as a coach on "The Voice" — and it's because of CeeLo Green's flatulence.

DeGeneres started the conversation by telling the 31-year-old that she seems so much happier and relaxed on the show this season. Aguilera agreed and chattered on about how the judges had hit their strides and were having fun together, then dropped the, um, bomb about Green. "I'm sitting next to Blake the whole time, so how can I not laugh," she said. "Between him and CeeLo with his gas over there."

When DeGeneres asked if maybe Aguilera shared something with the audience that "we didn't need to know about," the crooner laughed, but pressed on with the conversation. "Well, that's why I have the fan. I love you CeeLo. Don't be mad. Everybody knows."

Unfortunately, that wasn't her only TMI moment during the short segment. Aguilera — who famously bragged about how she and her now ex-husband Jordan Bratman had a "naked Sundays" policy at their house, in which they spent the entire day in the buff — talked about why she likes to wear as little clothes as possible, including at the American Music Awards last month when she was spilling out of her star-studded bustier bodysuit. "Sometimes, the less clothing, the better," she shrugged. "I'm just comfortable in my skin and my body."

She also discussed the infamous photo that was taken of her with Hillary Clinton in October in which the Secretary of State appears to have her eyes locked on Aguilera's exposed cleavage. "That [photo] looks like it was Photoshopped but it's not. It was a real moment," Aguilera revealed. "[Clinton's] such a force in a room. She's got that star charisma and everything about her. I couldn't take my eyes off her either, so it was mutual. Is that bad? I don't know. Maybe I shouldn't say that! I'm so inappropriate."

We're not sure what Aguilera will come up with to shock us next, but we're sure she'll find something! Stay tuned.

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