Christina Aguilera dons wild getup for music video

It's unclear exactly what the plotline of Christina Aguilera's upcoming video for her tune "Your Body" is at this point, but here's a guess: A stripper is at home trying on rainbow-colored wigs when she gets a call to participate in a last-minute softball game. She quickly grabs her bat, throws on some neon-pink stiletto pumps and heads for the ball field, making sure to not to get distracted by the beer sale going on at a local liquor store on her way.

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We'll find out what the actual scenario is when the video debuts, but in the meantime, just studying the photo of the 31-year-old pop singer in this outrageous getup is entertaining enough. And the longer you look, the more wild things you notice, like her multiple metal rings, her bright pink lipstick, that stark white manicure, lengthy false eyelashes, and, well, plenty of skin in a mesh-laden dress that looks like it's literally bursting at the seams.

While this photo was taken by a paparazzo who happened to be wandering by during the shoot in Los Angeles last week, Aguilera tweeted a more mysterious pic that only revealed her fishnet-covered leg atop a suitcase. "Its finally here- MUSIC VIDEO shoot day!!!!!!!!! Get ready guys!!!!!!!!!!" she wrote alongside the photo.

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The look is quite different from the recent ad campaign she participated in for the upcoming season of the reality singing competition series "The Voice," where she serves as a mentor along with fellow musicians Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Cee Lo Green. In that promo photo, the songstress showed off her signature blond tresses and red lips, along with a trim figure … which had some wondering if she was perhaps a little too trim. Several media outlets (including Yahoo!) posted the photo next to other recent ones of Aguilera, asking readers if they thought "The Voice" shot had been retouched. While many across the Web did believe the pic had been digitally altered, others just thought more old-fashioned smoke and mirrors were at play. "A good bit of it has to do with the way she is posed, the dress pattern, and how she has her hair," one Yahoo! TV commenter wrote. Others simply chalked it all up to show business as usual. "She's beautiful," another commenter added. "So what, all promo pics are messed with."

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