‘SNL Recap’: Kristen Wiig Steals Charlie’s Day … Er, Night

Well, this is going to happen from time to time. "Saturday Night Live" is going to bring on a host that you're really excited about — and then Kristen Wiig is going to flat-out steal the show and make you forget about the host entirely.

This happened in the Will Ferrell era of "SNL." It happened with Eddie Murphy and Phil Hartman and John Belushi, too. And now Wiig's clearly entering that pantheon.

This week's host, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" goofball Charlie Day, was funny with some off-week material last night. But a couple of Wiig's sketches were some of the best she's ever done.

She dusted off her Weekend Update staple Judy Grimes, a travel guru who is perpetually too nervous to be on TV. But her performance this week took the character to a new level. Her speed talking reached Micro-Machines-commercial-guy tempo. She went a full two minutes — without breaking — talking about drinking melted cheese, being Jason Bourne, and putting on and removing 3D glasses. At the end, when you're done laughing, you're left wondering if there's an Olympic medal for this sort of thing, or if there's some way we could create one to give to her.

Then, of course, there was "SNL's" take on the Kim Kardashian divorce, which Wiig and company knocked out of the park with relative ease. This very loudly hammers the nail in the coffin of America's patience in putting up with this story all week.

"I know a lot of people think that Kim got married to earn over $17 million dollars from the wedding. But that's just not true," says Wiig as Kardashian mom Kris Jenner. "She also got married for the attention."

Then Andy Samberg appears as a troglodytic Kris Humphries, who groans like Frankenstein and signs his name with an "X." It's so perfect it might make all of that family's shows go away forever.
Sorry. I must've entered a dream world there for a second.

OK, back to reality: Charlie Day was pleasant, if unremarkable, Kristen Wiig was a superstar, then Maroon 5 played their requisite mega-hits. There's your enjoyable — somewhat forgettable, but nice — Saturday night.

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