‘SNL’ Recap: Alec Baldwin Gets an Apology From American Airlines (Sort Of)

Alec Baldwin got the apology of his dreams on "Saturday Night Live" last night.

A mustachioed American Airlines pilot who looked eerily like the "30 Rock" star stopped by "Weekend Update" to say sorry for kicking Baldwin off a plane on Wednesday for playing "Words With Friends" a little too long.

It was a perfect capper on an absurd week, in which Baldwin inexplicably led off every entertainment news show because he slammed a door shut too loudly on an airplane. Baldwin turned it into the funniest bit of the night on "SNL," calling himself "an American treasure" and lamenting his struggles in the popular "word game for smart people."

Then Stefon, everyone's favorite guide to New York City nightlife, joined "Weekend Update" immediately thereafter. This show got rolling so hard it needed to be retreaded.

It's a little hard to try to explain Stefon to someone who hasn't seen Bill Hader's club-hopping character, so let's just rattle off some facts: Diminutive 1986 NBA Slam Dunk champion Spud Webb gets name-dropped twice. Hader does a perfect Wilford Brimley impression. And Stefon creates the best possible Hebrew superhero: Menorah the Explorer.

But, really, you should just watch the clip. Stefon is going to have one of those big, blown-out "SNL" movies one day.

Oh, and Katy Perry hosted! That happened. She was a little shy and out of place until she dropped all of her Katy Perry-ness to adopt a British accent and become Pippa Middleton.

And the second she did it, she became — pardon the pun — a straight-up firework. Queen Elizabeth (played by Fred Armisen, naturally) gets raunchy in the sketch, so Perry's Pippa is willing to trade every British insult she knows at Her Majesty, whom Perry says "looks like Gandalf in drag."

Perry rocked it, and she never even had to sing. She was a nice addendum — hey, we'll call her a firework again — on the best SNL in about a month.

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