‘America’s Got Talent’ Week 15 Recap: The Final Four Emerge

Four acts earned a spot in next week's finale (Trae Patton/NBC)

Thousands auditioned, waiting overnight in freezing cold temperatures, just for the opportunity to perform for Howie, Sharon, and Piers. But by the start of Week 15, just 10 acts remained to battle it out for the last four spots on "America's Got Talent." Before the show, the judges and host Nick Cannon hosted a party to celebrate the accomplishments of the final 10, a brief but welcome respite before their toughest challenge yet. Let's look at the lucky four who just took one step closer to $1 million.

Most Surprising: Silhouettes
Silhouettes is one of two acts everyone saw as a contender for the "AGT" crown. But last week, the judges weren't quite as blown away by the act, so for the Top 10, Silhouettes returned to its roots -- sweet, sentimental, and All-American. The return clearly paid off.

At this stage in the competition, we all know PopLyfe as the adorable teenage band sensation. This week, it performed a '70s-themed Jackson 5 mash-up. Despite several missed notes by the members of the band, the audience was no less in love with them.

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Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.
How lucky can one crooner be? Well, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. is answering his own question. His throwback stylings are the surprise hit of the show, and this is one performer who definitely belongs in the top four.

Team iLuminate
"AGT" likes to save the best for last, and Team iLuminate is consistently the last act of the night. Their electric light show/dance numbers are one of the biggest highlights of the season, and the only question now is: How can they possibly top themselves next week?

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