Too Short On Mother Finding His Dirty Rap Book And “The Hip Hop Dance Experience” Video Game

Too Short's hyphy song "Blow The Whistle" is featured in the new video game "The Hip Hop Dance Experience" that will be released on November 13.

The Oakland-native appreciates the honor, especially since he is not known for his dancing. In a promo video for the Ubisoft game, the legendary rapper recalls the day his mother learned that he wrote graphic songs about sex.

"My mother found one of my explicit rap books when I was in high school," he said. "I don't know if she knew it was raps or if she thought it was poetry. I don't really know. But she slipped a really long note into my rap book … She was just pissed. She said, 'If you keep writing this stuff or if you keep believing whatever those words were, you're never going to have like a wife.' She like put the curse on me."

In the promo video, Short, who released this week two albums with E-40 ("History: Mob Music" and "History: Function Music"), talks about scoring the "Blow The Whistle" hit as he celebrated his 40th birthday and even dances along to the video game.

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