Stacey Dash Makes Singing Debut On Emcee N.I.C.E.’s “Life Of The Party”

Who cares who Clueless and Single Ladies actress Stacey Dash is going to vote for in the 2012 presidential election? She's not known for her views on politics. The beautiful star makes a stride in the music business this week, releasing the video for her singing debut, a feature on Emcee N.I.C.E.'s "Life Of The Party." Check out the Dash dressed like an Egyptian in the vid below and enjoy a recap of some of her other music cameos with the likes of Rick Ross, Marques Houston and Kanye West.

Emcee N.I.C.E. "Life Of The Party" f/ Blake Smith & Stacey Dash - Who knew Stacey Dash could also sing? Sure, she's no Rihanna, but after waiting 4 minutes and 27 seconds to hear her vocals on Emcee N.I.C.E.'s "Life Of The Party," it becomes apparent why she's focused on acting during her career that has spanned 20-plus years. The Auto-Tune assist helps keep her thin, whispery delivery tolerable. But at 46, she still looks better than the starlets half her age and therefore is a great score for the Night Of The Museum-themed video that most of its viewers would have otherwise never watched.

Rick Ross f/ Ne-Yo "Super High" - There's a scene in the video for Rick Ross' "Super High" where he and his biker gang surround Stacey Dash and her boyfriend who are racing through the desert in a yellow Lamborghini. Ross gestures for Dash to join him on the backseat of his bike and she obliges. That was a Boss move, Rick. Directed by filmmaker F. Gary Gray and featuring an R&B chorus from Ne-Yo, "Super High" was a standout pick from Rick's 2010 Teflon Don album.

Marques Houston "Favorite Girl" - Wearing matching outfits with your girl is so high school, but who can be mad at Marques Houston for coordinating his clothes with Stacey Dash for the video shoot of his appropriately titled "Favorite Girl"? The clip for the smooth, R&B midtempo from Houston's 2007 album Veteran was mainly shot on the patio of a hillside mansion. Why not? She deserves it.

Kanye West "Alls Falls Down" f/ Syleena Johnson - Without a doubt, Stacey's appearance in Kanye West's "All Falls Down" video is the best. Dash plays 'Ye's love interest. In the 2004 video, the "Power" rapper, who is now dating Kim Kardashian, gives Dash a ride to the airport to catch her flight. The camera follows her every move, as seen through the eyes of Mr. West. It's the only time I ever wanted to switch places with the controversial producer-rapper.

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