MC Lyte Regrets Turning Down Queen Latifah’s Offer To Appear On ‘Ladies First’

MC Lyte revealed that she was supposed to appear on Queen Latifah's classic female anthem "Ladies First" but passed on the opportunity.

The iconic female MC mentioned the incident when discussing career mistakes during the "Entertainment 101" panel discussion last Friday night at her Hip Hop Sisters Legend Series at the Los Angeles Film School. While on the panel with fellow rappers Monie Love, The Lady Of Rage, MC Smooth and Lil Mama, Lyte said she was discouraged from making a record with another female MC. She added that the experience taught her to make her own decisions and that she regretted not supporting her friend. Lyte added that she was glad, however, that Monie Love appeared on the song.

The Hip Hop Sisters Legend Series also included auditions for the Next Top Female MC and a performance featuring Lyte, The Lady Of Rage, Monie Love, Lil Mama, MC Smooth and YoYo.

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