Lil Wayne Deposition Decoded, Rihanna’s “Diamonds” Smoked

If you have an opinion about what's happening in hip-hop music news, The Aftermath, the best music discussion on the 'Net, is the place to vent. This week's topics include arguably the funniest rap video of all time — Lil Wayne arguing with a lawyer during a deposition.

Wayne is being forced to answer questions related to his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III, who made a documentary about the New Orleans rapper called The Carter. Wayne isn't happy with the way he is portrayed in the film and claims that he did not give Jones the rights to use his music.

A visibly pissed off Lil Tunechi made Kanye West look like an easy interview. He didn't offer any straight answers. He talked to himself. He made threats and even insulted the attorney, all without any criticisms from the supervising judge.

Hip-hop lyrical heavyweight Chino XL joins Soren Baker and me for a hilarious analysis of the train wreck.

We also take on Prince's recent surprise performances with Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Hudson in Las Vegas and Chicago, respectively, and debate whether there is any real controversy behind the cover of Rihanna's new single "Diamonds" that pictures rolling papers filled with VVS quality gem stones.

What do you think about Lil Wayne's leaked video tape, Prince's surprise appearances or Rihanna's "Diamonds" cover?

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Video and editing: Robert Gardner