J. Long Abandons R&B And Goes Gospel With ‘Shake The Devil Off’

You might not recognize former R&B artist J. Long with his shirt on. In 2008, the La Marque, Texas artist made impressive headway as a fast-rising hip-hop singer, who would eventually team up with fellow bump-n-grind crooners Pretty Rick. The group is featured on the 2010 version of his top 5 hit "Personal Freak."

But J. Long's days of singing about sexcapades and gyrating on stage in front of throngs of young, screaming female fans are behind him. He flips the meaning of R&B on his next album, "R&B (Redeemed & Blessed)" which slated for a 2013 release.

During a recent visit to Los Angeles, J. Long stopped by the Yahoo! offices to explain what prompted his shift in artistic focus, maintaining contact with his friends in Pretty Ricky, and his brand new upbeat single, "Shake The Devil Off."

Watch the exclusive interview above and see the premiere of his "Shake The Devil Off" music video.

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