Exclusive: T-Pain Releases New ‘Stripper’ Anthem ‘Don’t You Quit,’ Preps ‘Stoic’ Mixtape

Exclusive: T-Pain Releases New ‘Stripper’ Anthem ‘Don’t You Quit,’ Preps ‘Stoic’ Mixtape

"I'm 'n Luv (Wit A Stripper)" singer, rapper and producer T-Pain has another anthem for the ladies who stack crisp and clean $1 bills. On Wednesday, he premieres with Yahoo! Music his new song, "Don't You Quit."

The bombastic track boats infectious handclaps and video game sound effects that compliment T-Pain's motivational directives: "Ah naw don't you quit let a brother see what you workin' with," "Put that booty on Instagram," and "Get it poppin. Crack a leg." There's even a Mario Bros. analogy that isn't appropriate to quote here.

"Don't You Quit" is the first release from T-Pain's Stoic mixtape due out on September 30.

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo! Music, T-Pain joked about the song. "You know me, I'm just all into motivation," he said. "That comes in all kinds of forms. So we just trying to venture out and make sure everybody get their piece of all of my motivation because I got a lot to give out. It's got to be an anthem."

T-Pain said the music dictated the direction of the song's lyrical content. "I just spit 'em out," he said. "It wasn't nothing I was trying to go into the studio and do. It wasn't like I'm about to sit down and make an anthem, it just came out like that. I heard the beat and the song happened."

T-Pain said the Stoic mixtape features a surprising mixture of genres. "It's basically an outlet for me, and it's so many different genres of music on this mixtape it's crazy," he said. "This is a collection of [the] kinds of things that's happening in my head, and I'm not going to show any remorse for putting all these genres together and just really hurting the world. I'm not trying to make an urban mixtape. I'm not trying to make a pop mixtape. I'm making a T-Pain mixtape."

T-Pain said the mixtape title reflects his need to vent. "The mixtape is called Stoic that means a person that's able to take great amounts of pain without showing emotion. It's pretty much everything I'm trying to do, however I want to do it, this is just total freedom for me right now."

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