Common Says Obamas Supported Him During Sarah Palin Poetry Reading Controversy

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Common released his new album, "The Dreamer, The Believer," Tuesday. It's his first effort under his new deal with Warner Bros. Records. During his promotion of the set, he stopped by the Yahoo! Music office for a one-on-one video interview.

WATCH: Common Interview Part 2

In Part 1, Common talked about securing the recording deal with Warner Bros. as well as the verbal attacks he received from Sarah Palin last spring when he was announced as a performer at the White House poetry reading.

While Common said that Palin's attempt to derail him did not prevail, he said he was happy that President Barack Obama and wife Michelle supported him.

Common said he talked to the Obamas after the event. "It wasn't about the controversy because at that point I was there," he told Yahoo! Music. "I felt honored that they said, 'Look, we are sticking by this guy. We respect him.' … They didn't stray away from what they believed in."

WATCH: Common Interview Part 3

In Part 1, Common also defends his use of the N-word and explains how he balances his acting and music careers.

Camera and video editing: Robert Gardner


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