Brandy And Chris Brown’s ‘Put It Down’ Song And Video Are Just OK

Brandy And Chris Brown’s ‘Put It Down’ Song And Video Are Just OK

Brandy plus Chris Brown plus "A Milli" producer Bangladesh sounds like about the best formula an R&B pop girl could get for a comeback record. But though the sexy, mid tempo track is edgy, it's more pleasant than smash. I was hoping the video would make me like it more, but unfortunately it doesn't, despite the bright colors, Bran's couture looks, and sex appeal.

Brandy is looking good and appears to have found her comfort zone when dancing in the "Put It Down" video. When she made a similar attempt in 2004 with the Kanye West-produced "Talk About Our Love" (ironically, one of my favorite Brandy songs), the choreography and blonde hair felt too influenced by Beyonce.

Brandy is moving in the right direction, though. The charts are dominated by dance records, so it was a good move to deliver something this rhythmic. It is critical that her sound evolves, she stays current and also maintains her fan base.

"It All Belongs To Me," her "The Boy Is Mine" follow up with Monica released in February, nicely reflected her growth. She's never delivered a sub-par album, so I'm still eagerly anticipating Two Eleven due out on October 16. Whether or not it's a hit record, it'll be a good listen, no doubt.

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