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The Aftermath: Iggy Azalea on Obama and Jay-Z, Chuck D’s ‘N’s In Paris’ Diss, and Rihanna and Chris Brown’s Media Hustle

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Island Def Jam recording artist Iggy Azalea took over Yahoo! Music’s The Aftermath Tuesday when she stopped by.

The “Work” singer jumped right in to the news segment, sharing her opinions on President Barack Obama quoting Jay-Z at the White House Correspondents dinner, Chuck D criticizing Hov and Kanye West for their use of the N-word, and Rihanna and Chris Brown’s ongoing media firestorm.

The Australian beauty, who is also a part of T.I.’s Grand Hustle family, said she’s tired of hearing about Obama’s playlist. “You know what I really want to know,” she asked. “I want to know who Michelle is listening to and what her theme song is.”

Regarding Chuck D’s complaints that Jigga and Mr. West’s “N-ggas in Paris” gave fans the license to use the N-word, Iggy said the word is off limits. “I think people shouldn’t say it anywhere,” she said. She added that even before she moved to the U.S. seven years ago, she knew it was wrong. “I was well aware that it was something you shouldn’t be saying.”

Iggy added that language barriers can further complicate matters. She said that her provocative dance moves sometimes evokes shocking comments from fans.

“I like to twerk and do twerk dancing and people will be like, ‘Yo, Iggy, you’re the biggest hoe,’” she said. “They call it slut dropping. I’m like, ‘In America, we call it twerking.’”

One thing that is very clear to this Wilhelmina model is that Rihanna and Chris Brown are very media savvy. Iggy isn’t buying recent reports that the on-again, off-again couple is feuding about RiRi posting a picture of her kissing another guy.

“I think they’re smart,” Iggy said. “I wonder if the public is this stupid to think this is real life. It’s probably going to come out in a month that it’s her lead star in her next music video.”

Iggy thinks the public is getting duped. “They are playing us,” she said. “We’re being played for fools right now.”

Iggy’s album, New Classic, is due out later this year.

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Video and editing: Robert Gardner

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