Samsung Still Believes In A Thing Called The Darkness

When it was announced last year that unitarded hair-metal revivalists the Darkness had reunited, rockers everywhere rejoiced. And that air-guitaring-in-the-streets, celebratory spirit has now carried over to THE feelgood Super Bowl commercial of 2012, a 90-second Samsung spot starring the Darkness themselves, in all their catsuit-flaunting, flying-V-wielding, hair-flipping glory. And judging by the crowd reaction here, apparently a lot of fans still believe in a thing called the Darkness.

Nope, Sir Justin Hawkins sure didn't phone in that Samsung performance, did he?

The reunited Darkness are currently touring the U.S., and if this star turn is any indication of how they still rock onstage, my guess is every audience will be a virtual sea of illuminated cell phones, of every make and model. Within a couple hours of this commercial airing, "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" jumped to number 44 on the iTunes chart.

Welcome back, Darkness. You've been dearly, dearly missed.

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