Suri Cruise wears ‘The Little Mermaid’ costume during Walt Disney World outing with Tom Cruise

With Katie Holmes having primary custody of Suri, Tom Cruise has been making the most of his now-limited time with the 6-year-old by planning elaborate daddy-daughter outings. The latest? A visit to Walt Disney World.

The 50-year-old movie megastar brought his New York City-based daughter to the Lake Buena Vista, Florida, theme park on Monday where they visited the Magic Kingdom. Accompanied by his sister Cass Mapother and their own VIP park attendant, Tom and Suri — who was dressed in an Ariel costume from "The Little Mermaid" — took in the attractions.

Sadly, Tom did not dress as Flounder or Sebastian.

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"Suri looked like she was in heaven," Disney-goer Marianne Cohen of Tampa told People. "It was really cute. She was walking around like she owned the place, having the time of her life, and Tom, who looked really handsome was talking to her, was really engaging with her."

Before Katie Holmes pulled the plug on her marriage to Tom late last month, the family made several trips together to "The Happiest Place on Earth." In 2009, Suri made a big splash at Disney World during a visit with her parents and brother Connor Cruise (from Tom's marriage to Nicole Kidman). The then-2-year-old wore a couple of different outfits for that trip — first, she dressed as Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" and then Cinderella — and got up close and personal with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

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Tom and Suri enjoyed a previous father-daughter day at Disney. In January of this year, they went by themselves to Disneyland in Anaheim, California, where they checked out the Jungle Cruise in Adventureland and spun around in the tea cups on the Mad Tea Party ride. Tom also let Suri get her face painted with pink-and-red hearts.

Since Tom and Katie signed their quickie divorce agreement earlier this month, it seems that Suri is living two very different lifestyles with each parent. Katie has been taking the girl on low-key trips to Manhattan parks, zoos, and museums, using cabs to get to the various destinations. Meanwhile, Tom — who doesn't get to spend as much time with Suri — has been planning more elaborate outings. In addition to flying her to Florida to visit Walt Disney World, he dropped over $6,000 just to charter a helicopter to transport Suri to the tony Hamptons in Long Island, New York, where they spent the day at the beach.

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