Octomom shows off her new (and clean!) 5,000-square-foot home

Who would rent to a woman with 14 wild kids who doesn't have a job and was evicted from her last home because she stopped making payments? Well, someone took pity on Nadya "Octomom" Suleman because the family of 15 — including 3-year-old octuplets — is living it up in a gorgeous 5,000-square-foot two-story home in Palmdale, California, which the single mom shows off in a new video on RumorFix.com. Most surprising about the home? It's very clean compared their previous home ... but maybe that's just because they've only lived in the new digs for two weeks.

Octomom, 37, begins the tour in her huge kitchen, which has a center island and stainless steel appliances. "I love the kitchen," she boasts. "Most of the time, I'm here barefoot and cooking." The camera then pans to two of her older children doing homework at the kitchen table, which oddly is small and only seats six — not even half of her brood! Octomom, who was able to rent the home thanks to the money she made doing an adult film, then explains that she needs to get a new refrigerator because "we are overloaded in food."

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The next room she shows off is the family room, which is sparse with just a couch, coffee table, and big-screen TV. As one of her sons sits on the furniture, Octomom goes on and on about how much the kids love their brand new things. "There are rules and they are obeying the rules," she says. "You can only eat at the table in the kitchen. No one can eat here."

Octomom then takes cameras through an open area she says she may turn into a game room for the older kids, but says for now the little ones like to play ball there. "Nothing has been destroyed yet," she says proudly. "My secret: No crayons, no markers allowed in the home." Perhaps that's because the walls of her last home were covered in scribbles and graffiti, based on photos her hairdresser took to show the poor living conditions.

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The thing Octomom loves most, she says, is that the octuplets are no longer sleeping on mattresses on the ground, as they did in their last home. Now, the six youngest boys have their own room with bunk beds (and superhero sheets). "They make their beds every single morning," raves Octomom. The two girls from the octuplets and her 6-year-old daughter from a set of fraternal twins (are you keeping track?) sleep in the room next door, which only has two twin beds (the older girl bunks with one of her little sisters).

Upstairs is a massive loft that has been turned into a playroom. As Octomom gives the tour, her eight little ones — who will be 4 in January — are seen sitting on the floor watching TV. "They love it," she says. "They clean up after themselves … they are so happy here!" Then, right on cue, one of the girls hops and gives her mom a kiss, followed by one of her brothers.

As she says goodbye to the cameras, Octomom once again reiterates, "We are a happy, healthy family, and we are in a very grateful place in our life right now."

According to TMZ, the rent for the huge home is $2,500-a-month and Octomom doesn't have to make her first payment until April — but let's hope she does. Her previous home in La Habra was foreclosed on by the bank after she stopped making payments for over a year and she and her family were evicted.

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