Nick Lachey hopes his son Camden becomes an athlete

Could we see Camden John Lachey in the 2035 Super Bowl? If Nick Lachey has his way! The new dad is such a huge fan of football, namely his hometown Cincinnati Bengals, he specifically named his newborn son in the hopes he would fulfill that prophecy. Even before little Camden was born on September 12, Nick and wife Vanessa Lachey knew they wanted a "C" first name to go with the middle name John (which is after Nick's father). Although Nick was a fan of Colin, Vanessa wasn't so crazy about the moniker, "so we started looking for other C names," the 98 Degrees singer tells omg!. "We knew we wanted his initials to be C.J." Why C.J.? "C.J. Lachey! Doesn't that sound like an athlete's name?!"

And Nick has been grooming little Camden since he was just 48 hours old. "Literally, two days after we got home from the hospital, I had him in his Bengals onesie and we were watching the game together," boasts the proud father, who has partnered with Tide for its Show Us Your Colors campaign (post your team spirit photo here by November 30 for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans). "For me as a big sports and football fan, I remember sharing those memories with my dad when I was a kid and now it's exciting to be able to share this with Camden."

The little guy has also inspired his father in his other passion: music. Nick, 38, reveals to omg! that he's currently in the studio recording an album of lullabies that should be released early next year. Fatherhood, he says, "has been magical. That's the right word for it. He's an amazing little boy, and every day is filled with new experiences and new memories and new moments. It's been pretty cool." The experience has also brought him closer with his wife. Camden "is a reflection of both of us," says Nick. "This is the life we created together … and that just strengthens your own bond as a couple."

Although becoming a dad has transformed Nick's world, it hasn't made him that benevolent. It was reported that after his ex-wife Jessica Simpson gave birth to her daughter Maxwell Drew in May that he and Vanessa sent her a gift basket of pink-and-white cookies. Not so, clarifies Nick. "You know, that sounds like an incredibly wonderful gesture, but I actually never did send cookies. I can actually put that rumor to rest."

But one longstanding rumor that is 100 percent true is the reunion of 98 Degrees. After getting back together for a one-off performance last summer, all four guys are ready to give it another go — more than 11 years after they originally disbanded. In addition to a new album, Nick says they also have plans to tour next summer. "At this point in our lives you want to do that kind of thing because it's fun and we definitely had a blast this summer performing together. I'd say there's definitely more to come there."

And there's definitely more pint-sized Lacheys to come. "We'll give it a little bit of time," jokes Nick since Vanessa just gave birth a month ago. "We're both family people so I'd imagine we'll have more."

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