Is Kristin Davis’ Baby Name Inspired By ‘Sex and the City’?

Perhaps the reason Kristin Davis was so convincing in her "Sex and the City" role of Charlotte York Goldenblatt is that the two really aren't all that different. Well, I'm not saying that before settling down she dated a lot and sat at the bar swilling cosmos — she actually doesn't drink, thank you very much — but she does spend a lot of time with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, and Cynthia Nixon, the actresses who played her BFFs on the show. In fact, occasionally they even hit the town together! "We go out sometimes, but it's kind of challenging to go out," Davis told Anderson Cooper on his show "Anderson" Thursday. "People have kind of a panic reaction. It's just really odd. They're like, 'Oh my god.'"

Another thing Kristin, 47, has in common with the character she's played since 1998 is a daughter named Rose. The former "Melrose Place" star adopted a baby girl domestically last October, who she decided to call Gemma Rose, but she swears that she didn't do it on purpose! "I had totally forgotten that on 'Sex and the City' I also had a child named Rose, and since I did this whole thing in secret I didn't talk to anybody about the naming or the adopting at all, and I didn't realize the connection," she confessed. "Then we announced and everybody was like, 'Oh, she named her after her 'Sex and The City' baby. I almost named her Rose as a first name because I kept thinking it's such a beautiful name." And a classic one, too!

The brunette beauty also explained that she's considered expanding the family one day (is a Lily next?), but for now she's spending all her time and energy with her one and only cutie. "I mull it over, but because I'm a single mom, I want to focus on her and make sure I'm doing a good job first."

If she runs into trouble along the way, we're sure her famous gal pals will be there to give her advice. After all, as Kristin noted, the women are still close. "I was [in New York] in December, [and] I saw Kim on Broadway. I took my baby and I saw Sarah's babies. I took my baby and saw Cynthia's babies," Kristin said. "Cynthia's on Broadway now and I'm going to see her next week."

Sounds like a "Babies and the City" movie could be in the works soon!

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