Jennifer Lopez brings daughter Emme to Paris Fashion Week

Jennifer Lopez's daughter, Emme, is a fashionista in training.

The 4-year-old girl accompanied her mother to the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday. The ladies arrived hand-in-hand — walking a few steps in front of Lopez's boyfriend, Casper Smart — at the Grand Palais for the big event. Lopez, 43, had on a plunging lace dress and black pointed-toe shoes. Emme wore a pink dress and shoes with a white cardigan and butterfly purse.

During the show, Lopez and Emme were in the coveted front row. The preschooler sat on her mother's lap for the presentation, getting lots of kisses throughout the show. At one point Emme gave Smart a hug.

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Lopez is on a world tour though Europe, Asia, and Australia. Most recently she has been in Lisbon, Portugal, prepping for her Oct. 5 concert date, which will be filmed in 3D for her upcoming movie "Dance Again."

"Quick day hop to Paris!! Fashion week fun," Lopez tweeted on Monday. Earlier she shared, "Enjoying a beautiful [Lisbon] morning... The weather here is gorgeous!! Love it!"

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Last month Lopez appeared on "Katie" and talked about her divorce from Marc Anthony, who is the father of Emme and her twin brother Max. "You never want to break up a family," Lopez told host Katie Couric. "That wasn't my dream. My dream was for us to always be together. But things don't work out and you feel it's the better choice. If I didn't think it was the better choice I wouldn't have done it."

As for her 25-year-old boyfriend Smart, Lopez said, "We just kind of hit it off. It wasn't something I was looking for, trust me. But things happen and they happen naturally." As for whether she's soured on marriage after three failed ones, she said, "I keep trying! It's OK. It's true. I believe in love. I believe in marriage. I'm just trying to get it right. I'm like everybody else."

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