Ivanka Trump Takes Daughter Arabella on a Toy Store Shopping Trip for the Holidays

Let’s be honest, Ivanka Trump could probably afford to call a toy store, order one of everything, and have it delivered to her swanky 10-room Manhattan home for her daughter, Arabella Rose. And seeing as the businesswoman’s schedule doesn’t allow her all that much free time – when she’s not overseeing development and acquisitions for her father’s real estate company, the Trump Organization, she’s working on her eponymous fashion and lifestyle brand, and filming “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” – that would almost make sense. But the 31-year-old mom is taking a more hands-on approach.

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This holiday season, instead of just buying Arabella a bunch of toys, clothes, and other gifts, Trump and her publisher husband Jared Kushner will be taking the 17-month-old little girl on a family shopping trip, during which the toddler can gravitate toward the things she’s interested in. “I felt that at this age I’m not sure she fully comprehends the idea of what happens,” Trump tells omg!. “So I thought we’d go together and go to the toy store and pick things out as a collective and as a family. It will be fun.”

While Trump recently told the Wall Street Journal that Arabella has discovered her mommy’s shoes and enjoys playing with them – and she should as Trump, a shoe designer, must have an extensive collection – it doesn’t mean that her daughter is ready to be branded a fashionista just yet. “Her passions are fleeting. She’s also into empty water bottles,” Trump laughs. “But she has a great imagination. She plays. You realize after having a child that you don’t really need all the fancy toys. They really know how to entertain themselves.”

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Let’s hope Arabella is good at entertaining herself on an airplane, too, as Trump says their holiday season is going to be a busy one full of travel. “We are going to take a trip together to Europe, which will be exciting,” she shares. “So we’re going to Prague, Belarus, and Vienna, and then we’re going to spend New Year’s Eve at Mar-a-lago,” referring to the Palm Beach, Florida, property her father owns. It’s where the Trump family gathers for both Thanksgiving and the New Year’s Eve holidays each year.

Spending so much time with her family – when they’re working together and off the clock – can be a tricky balance, Trump admits to omg!. When we meet up with her, at a press conference at Trump Tower in Manhattan announcing plans for the new Trump Tower Punta del Este in Uruguay, she and her brothers, Don Jr. and Eric, stand together and whisper to one another at one side of the room. They also have offices right next to each other, she reveals.

“It’s the best,” she says of being able to work with her siblings on a daily basis. “When it works, it’s amazing. When it doesn’t, it’s a disaster. The key is obviously maintaining a relationship, maintaining a great dialogue, having a lot of respect for one another – for each other’s time, for each other’s feelings – the things that are easier to let go by the wayside when you’re siblings but are very important when you are also colleagues.”

And of course she’ll be back in the boardroom with her father and brothers when “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice” returns to NBC in March. “We just wrapped,” she reports. “It was amazing.” Did contestant Gary Busey cause any trouble on the set? “It’s Gary Busey – of course,” she laughs. “He’s great though. He’s such a character.”

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