Giuliana and Bill Rancic reveal the identity of their surrogate

Meet Giuliana and Bill Rancic's baby mama!

Three weeks after the arrival of their son, Edward Duke, the new parents have revealed the identity of the Colorado woman who served as their gestational carrier. In a clip promoting the upcoming season of their Style Network show "Giuliana & Bill," they take a tour of the hospital in anticipation of Duke's birth and are accompanied by the pregnant woman who they identify as Delphine.

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In the preview, Giuliana and Bill exhibit their trademark humor while a hospital employee explains to them how things are going to play out in the delivery room. While they jokingly bicker over who will hold the baby first and who will cut the cord, Delphine stands off to the side. Dressed in a red-and-white stripe maternity top with her hair styled in a ponytail, Delphine appears at ease while discussing the labor and tells the couple she is comfortable having them in the delivery room when she gives birth. But when Giuliana jokingly asks if her parents can also be in the delivery room, Delphine laughs, "The can wait in the waiting room," while another friend says, "Delphine has her limits."

Watch the preview here:

Giuliana and Bill were with Delphine throughout her four hours of labor when she gave birth on August 29. After the baby was born at 10:12 p.m., Bill cut the umbilical cord and Duke was placed in Giuliana's arms, so she could be the first one to hold their son, they later shared. Giuliana then passed off the baby to Bill, who had his own little cuddle session, and then they both took turns feeding him. Soon after, Duke had his first bath.

Last week Giuliana and Bill shared the first photos of Duke in Life & Style magazine. In the photo spread, the new parents were beaming as they posed with their son, cuddling him close and showering him with kisses.

Earlier today, Giuliana shared some more thoughts on motherhood in a blog post she wrote for the "Today" show. "So far, Duke has been a dream baby," the 37-year-old gushed. "We came to Chicago about three days after he was born and we are so happy here. We've had so many friends and family around us and they can't get enough of Duke. It has been so great to be near our loved ones during this time. We go crazy for every new face and sound he makes, but we still can't agree on who he resembles more (I still say he looks like me!)."

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When Giuliana and Bill appeared on the "Today" show in April to announce they were having a baby, they made a point to keep the identity of their surrogate under wraps. Giuliana — who struggled with infertility issues and was later diagnosed with breast cancer — noted that the woman lived "out of state," and said they visit her "every month" to accompany her to doctor's appointments. "I call her my baby mama," Giuliana laughed, adding, "She's a dream come true."

Watch the clip above to see the Rancics with Delphine during the hospital tour, which will be part of the premiere episode of "Giuliana & Bill" on October 2.

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