Brooke Burke on ‘Dancing With the Stars’: ‘There’s Always Controversy and Always Drama’

Although "Dancing With the Stars" is a fun show to watch, that's not always the case on the other side of the camera. Long hours practicing, paired with sore feet and lots of nerves can sometimes manifest into meltdowns. Case in point: Jaleel White's reported blow-up at pro partner Kym Johnson after he accidentally stepped on her foot in practice last week. "You know, there's always controversy and always drama," Brooke Burke, who co-hosts "Dancing With the Stars" with Tom Bergeron, tells omg!. "And I think this is because the emotions run so deep and everybody's vulnerable and out of their comfort zone, so there's always bound to be pressure and stress. I'm sure we'll see some of that this season."

Despite the drama, Burke thinks this season's contestants are "the best we've ever had," she adds, noting that the 9 out of 10 scores Katherine Jenkins and White both received in the premiere was the first time anyone had done so during their first dance. "I think the level of dancing this season is higher than we've ever had. It'll be really interesting to see how everybody evolves."

But the drama on the dance floor is nothing for Burke, the mother of four kids (daughters Neriah, 11, and Sierra, 9, from her first marriage to plastic surgeon Garth Fisher, and Heaven, 5, and son Shaya, 4, with David Charvet). From the moment she wakes at 6:30 a.m., it's a marathon of making breakfasts and lunches, taking everyone to school, and getting in a workout at the gym all before she even heads to work in the "Dancing With the Stars" ballroom. Luckily for Burke, 40, the show tapes early enough that "I usually make it home by bedtime, which is so great," she tells omg!. "My family comes first. I'm fortunate

enough that I can work and still raise my family." Another perk to her schedule is being able to work in date nights with Charvet, who she met in 2005 and married last year. Every Monday after filming "DWTS," the two enjoy "Adult Dinner Night," she reveals. "We make sure we have time to ourselves, but still a lot of time for our family." So will "Adult Dinner Nights" lead to baby #5? "No! No, no, no," insists Burke.

In between her busy career and hectic home life, Burke somehow found the time to shoot a comedic short film with Claritin spoofing her life with allergies before she began using the product. In one scene, she's sneezing so much while jogging that she trips and falls face-first into a pile of mud — and no, there was no stunt double used for the dirty deed. "It was really me," Burke tells omg!. "One hundred percent really me. The mud scene wasn't totally planned, and we did it and it was crazy. For me, it was just fun to do something out of character, instead of playing myself like I usually do."

Watch Burke ham it up for Claritin:

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