Britney Spears’ niece Maddie sports her aunt’s iconic look

Britney Spears' old look is getting hit one more time. The pop singer's 4-year-old niece Maddie, whose mom is Brit's younger sister Jamie Lynn, wore a near-identical school girl outfit as her famous aunt did in her debut video for 1998's "… Baby One More Time," right on down to the pink pom-poms in her pigtails. "Guess who Maddie want to for Celebrity Day at school!" the 21-year-old former Nickelodeon star wrote on Instagram on Tuesday. (We think Jamie Lynn probably meant, "Guess who Maddie dressed as for Celebrity Day at school?")

Although the look is a little risqué for a pre-schooler (heck, it was a little too risqué for Britney when she was 16!), many of Jamie Lynn's followers thought it was cute. "She's adorable! And so lucky to have an amazing mom and aunt!" wrote BritneySpearsHQ. But not everyone agreed. Another user named PinkZombie commented, "My opinion = inappropriate outfit for a child."

Jamie Lynn and her daughter have lived a relatively private life since her teen pregnancy shocked the tabloid world in 2007. After an on-and-off relationship with Maddie's father Casey Aldridge, the young couple, who were engaged at one point, split for good in November 2010. Since then, Jamie Lynn has been in living with her daughter in Nashville and working on a country album.

"I'm more honest in my lyrics than I am in anything else," she told Glamour earlier this year. "It's where I feel the most safe to express myself. I write about growing up, my family, Maddie and getting pregnant. If I've lived it, why wouldn't I talk about it? I guess that's been the coolest thing — realizing that it's OK to just be myself and really tell my story."

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