Phillip Phillips, Framed


To help celebrate the return of American Idol for its most exciting 12th season yet, this week we welcome last year's winner, Phillip Phillips, and his debut single, "Home."

Oft-hospitalized during season 11 -- he has problems with his kidneys and had eight (!) surgeries while on Idol-- the likeable Georgian went on to defeat Jessica Sanchez in the finale, with over 132 billion votes cast.

Yes, everyone on Earth voted at least 20 times! Good work, Earth!

These days, when the winner of AI puts out their first single, it isn't called their "debut single." No sirree, Bob. It's called their "coronation song." "Home" was Phil's coronation song, and it had the biggest digital sales week for any Idol winner's coronation song. So it must be pretty good.

Y'know what? We're feeling bad about those eight bleeping surgeries, so we say: God bless you and your coronation song, Phillip Phillips. We wish you all the best in your career, and cordially invite you to make another video we and our readers can enjoy.


1 -- Though the line was long and the weather cold, the Y! Music bloggers waited patiently.

2 -- All except O'Connor, of course!

3 -- "Can I try to guess your middle name?"

4 -- "I'm telling you, I was there! Lyndsey Parker did pick a peck of pickled peppers."

5 -- "'...but this Seacrest feller didn't know Jim was a runaway, and we was both through to Hollywood.' Boy, writing The All-New Adventures of Huck Finn: 2013 is a snap!"

6-- "Dear Taylor Hicks: Although your offer of a kidney is beyond generous, I don't think I'd be able to reciprocate by giving you my vocal cords."

7 -- "So. The strings maintain their tension through attachment to these posts... and not, as previously supposed, by magic."

8 -- "I hope this Rapture doesn't cut my career short or anything."

9 -- "So this where they film The X-Factor!"

10 -- "Sitting in front of this shoppe always makes me feel olde."

11 -- "Hey, Rex: won't you have to bite off both ears to not hear this crap?"

12 -- "What the...? How did a caption get down there?"