Eminem, Framed

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We admit that we feature a lot of flavor-of-the-month stars here in Framed — really, it's just easier on all of us — but, this week, we're very pleased to welcome back the very talented, super spectacular Eminem to our blog.

Eminem — his real name is something like Marco Mathers — is a legit, #1 star. He's sold more records than everybody else combined. Ever, in history. He's also better-looking and more talented than everyone else, too.

And, on top of that, his songs are pretty good! Heck, he's the "whole package!"

This week we're featuring "Not Afraid," a mid-tempo rap from 2010 that debuted at #1 and won an MTV Video Music Award. It's an uplifting song; in the vid, Eminem stares down his demons, discovers he can actually fly, and invites we, the listeners, to follow his lead.

Which we're totally going to do! Right after we read this week's captions! Please let us know what you think of us and Eminem, OK?

1 — "Say. Detroit seems bigger than I remember."

2 — "How dare Nicki Minaj sell out to dance/pop? Why, I oughtta...!"

3 — "OK, I'm gonna go over there and look at the other blogs until they cease to engage me. I'll be back in a few seconds."

4 — "My new lyrics about mares eating oats will stun the world!"

5 — "Bleep you! Um... hang on a second."

6 — "Well, time to end Obamacare and then hurl all the nuclear weapons into the sun, I guess."

7 — "Think, Marshall! There must be a way to expand the Nike product placement in this video!"

8 — "Pawn shop... pawn shop... payday lender... abandoned store... God, it's great to be back in Detroit!"

9 — "I wonder if I could shill for that vehicle, too?"

10 — "If only there was another Enimen — a second Eminem — to serve as my ally!"

11 — "But I'm not invulnerable to tiny shards of glass! Or anything else, come to think of it."

12 — "Wow! Y! Music's offices have been upgraded!"