The 'It's Always Sunny' Guys Re-Enact the Red Wedding For Us [Exclusive Video]

We were just getting over the unspeakable trauma of witnessing the "Game of Thrones" Red Wedding… and then Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day had to go and bring all those upsetting feelings flooding back again.

It all went down when Yahoo TV visited the set of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and chatted with stars McElhenney (Mac) and Day (Charlie) about Season 9 of their cult hit sitcom, which centers on five irredeemable a-holes running a Philly dive bar. ("Sunny" is now the longest-running live-action cable comedy of all time, by the way, no big deal.)

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We had to ask about the upcoming episode penned by "Game of Thrones" wizards David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, which will sadly not involve any dragons, but will find Charlie taking a drug that boosts his feeble brainpower. (A literate Charlie? That may be more disorienting than seeing Catelynn Stark with her throat sliced.)

Our mention of the HBO fantasy epic exposed a shocking divide between the two "Sunny" stars: McElhenney is a huge "GoT" fan, while Day hasn't seen a single episode. ("I'm not caught up on my dragon shows," Day cracked.) But McElhenney was happy to give his co-star a taste of what he's missing, air-stabbing him in the gut, Talisa Stark-style. In fact, here's a GIF of that for your viewing pleasure:

In addition to acting out the year's most shocking TV moment, McElhenney and Day reflected on "Sunny" reaching 100 episodes this season — the milestone ep airs October 9 — and the show's move from FX to brand-new channel FXX. (Not to worry, "Sunny" fans: FXX goes live September 2 and you can find out where it's located on your cable dial right here.)

More Season 9 highlights to look out for: a Thanksgiving episode that brings back fan-favorite "Sunny" characters like Rickety Cricket, Gail the Snail, and the icky McPoyle family; a sequel to the gang's self-made shoot-'em-up flick "Lethal Weapon 5"; and a sly wink at "Sunny's" lack of Emmy love with an episode entitled "The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award."

Hear that, Emmy voters? It's never too late to admit you were wrong. Well, unless you're Robb Stark.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" premieres Wednesday, 9/4 at 10 PM on FXX.