Meet fall TV’s top villains [Exclusive video]

Sure, we love our TV heroes... but we might love to hate our TV villains even more. And we're getting a new batch of baddies this fall, including Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams as the devilish owners of a posh Manhattan building on ABC's "666 Park Avenue," Robert Patrick as a iron-willed Navy seaman on ABC's "Last Resort," Michael Chiklis as a cold-blooded mobster on CBS's "Vegas," and Ellen Barkin as a hilariously bigoted grandma on NBC's "The New Normal."

Check out the first of our five Fall TV Preview videos right here, and get your first look at these fall TV villains with preview clips, expert commentary, and exclusive interviews. And stay tuned in the weeks to come for more Fall TV Preview videos, right here on Yahoo! TV.

"666 Park Avenue" premieres Sunday, 9/30 at 10 PM on ABC. "Last Resort" premieres Thursday, 9/27 at 8 PM on ABC. "Vegas" premieres Tuesday, 9/25 at 10 PM on CBS. "The New Normal" premieres Tuesday, 9/11 at 9:30 PM on NBC.