‘Happy Endings’: Watch This Week’s Full Halloween Episode Before It Airs

When "Happy Endings" debuted earlier this year, viewers and critics alike brushed it off as yet another relationship sitcom that would quickly see its demise. But unlike NBC's "Perfect Couples," CBS's "Mad Love," Fox's "Traffic Light," and even ABC's "Better With You," the alphabet network actually picked up "Happy Endings" for a second season -- and deservedly so. On second look, you'll find that the comedy, about six friends approaching their thirties in Chicago, is actually really funny. The humor is original and the ensemble cast is quick-witted. If you're not already a fan, you should check out this comedic gem of a show. And what better way than to catch this week's Halloween episode before it airs? You can do that right here on Yahoo! TV.

On the episode (titled "Spooky Endings"), Jane and Brad experience first-hand what life in the suburbs is like when they spend Halloween night house-sitting for friends. Back in the city, the rest of the gang -- wearing some pretty unique duds -- heads to a warehouse party. Penny and Max rock a couple's costume as a mom and her baby, while Alex and Dave are thrilled to finally be able to wear individual costumes. Of course, all of their disguises end up not having quite the effect they anticipated.

[Check out photos from the episode here.]

Editor's Note: Our exclusive window for the full episode has closed, but please enjoy a preview from tonight's episode here:

"Happy Endings" airs Wednesdays at 9:30pm ET on ABC.

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