'Grimm' Season Premiere in Motion: Zombies Cause Mayhem in Portland!

Last season on "Grimm," a horde of zombie-like folks were unleashed on Monroe, Rosalee, and Juliette, while Nick was being zombified by a toxin-spitting pufferfish Wesen known as Baron Samedi.

In the Season 3 premiere, "The Ungrateful Dead," Samedi attempts to send Nick away, hoping he'll become a pawn of Capt. Renard's brother, Eric.

First thing's first: Monroe and the girls drive around in a jeep that's being swarmed by zombies, until they finally pull a few cartoonish stunts. The first is to make some quick turns, flinging most of the zombies off the SUV. The second is to slam the breaks, sending the few remaining zombies flying.

Next, they climb up a large storage container and begin kicking the zombies off until help — Sgt. Wu and a slew of reinforcements — arrives. The cops lock the zombies in one of the containers in the storage yard, where Rosalee administers her zombie-toxin cure in the form of a gas. According to Monroe, the zombies are cured once they stop making noise.

Meanwhile, the top-hatted pufferfish is busy escaping with Nick via airplane. But Nick is a Grimm, and Grimms are a bit more dangerous when exposed to zombie-making toxins. While in flight, Nick wakes, ready to make some undead-trouble for Samedi. The pufferfish attacks his prey, spitting another dose of toxin (it's a nice shade of Linda Blair green) right in Nick's face.

Nick doesn't take it lying down and proceeds to crash the plane, killing Samedi in the process. Zombie-Nick is now on the loose, ready to wipe the floor with a few innocent bystanders. His first stop is Shirley's Tippy Canoe: darned good food, music … and a zombie Grimm.

He knocks down everyone in his path, using his souped-up Grimm hearing and strength to beat the snot out of even the largest and meanest-looking biker dudes. Nick's friends are on the trail to find him, but they'd better hurry: His next stop is the home of a family with a young child.

Meanwhile, Adalind is still busy trying to get back her Hexenbiest powers, and she'll do whatever disturbingly grotesque things her new pal Stefania asks of her. Stefania begins the Hexenbiest-reviving ritual by removing the still-beating heart of Adalind's fellow Hexenbiest "friend," Frau, and placing it in a special hexagonal-shaped box.

The next step in the ritual is for Adalind to cut off Frau's hands and feet, and pluck out her eyeballs. Stefania then throws the lid of the heart-filled box, which is coated in dried blood, into a field of poppies. Adalind must dig a hole in the spot where the lid lands, then bury the body parts and box. Her Hexenbiest powers are returned once she has been "accepted," indicated by the death of the poppies.

"Grimm" airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on NBC.