Fall TV Survey: The most anticipated new and returning shows

We know you can't wait for fall TV to arrive… and we've got the numbers to prove it. We here at Yahoo! TV have once again partnered up with Entertainment Weekly to conduct a poll of 2,000 TV fans to see which new shows you're planning to watch this fall. We also learned what returning shows you're dying to see come back, along with your take on some key time-slot showdowns. Here, we run down the highlights from our wide-ranging TV survey.

Returning shows: CBS dominates
Other networks may fight over the teens and tweens, but our survey says the Tiffany Network reigns supreme among grown-up TV watchers. The top three returning shows that respondents are most excited to see come back are all CBS shows: "The Big Bang Theory," "NCIS," and "Two and a Half Men." (Yes, even with Ashton.) All in all, CBS tallied six of the ten most anticipated returning shows, and as you'll see in a few paragraphs, their new shows have viewers excited, too. Say what you want about its graying audience; CBS is aging like a fine wine.

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'The X Factor': Will Britney and Demi be a 'Factor'?
Simon Cowell's post-"Idol" singing competition earned a tepid reception last fall, but adding pop superstar Britney Spears and teen starlet Demi Lovato to the Season 2 judging panel seems to have paid off. 53% of those surveyed said they're "excited" or at least "curious" to see how Brit-Brit and Demi will fare when "The X Factor" returns next week. Good thing, too, because "Factor" is gearing up for an epic ratings clash with NBC's "The Voice," which unveils its first fall installment next week as well. Of course that means Britney vs. Christina once again... is there room for more than one ex-Mouseketeer on TV?

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New shows: 'Vegas' is a 'Beauty,' 'Beast' is an 'Animal'
When it comes to new fall TV shows, you guys are clearly willing to roll the dice. CBS's new period drama "Vegas," starring Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis as men on opposite sides of the law in 1960s Sin City, tops our survey with 26% of respondents planning to tune in. The CW's fairy-tale reboot "Beauty and the Beast" (starring "Smallville" alum Kristin Kreuk) comes in second with 20%, with NBC's goofy veterinarian comedy "Animal Practice" taking the bronze at 15%. Now "Vegas" we completely understand; it's one of our Fall TV Editors' Picks, actually. But those other two... the appeal eludes us. Maybe sexy manimals and monkey doctors are more popular than we thought?

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'Gossip Girl': No longer en vogue
The CW's fashion-plate teen drama has enjoyed a nice five-season run... but everything goes out of style eventually. When asked about the upcoming final season of "GG" (debuting October 8), viewers are more than ready to put it on the sales rack, with 64% of those surveyed saying that it's time to end the series already. Naturally, more women than men are sorry to see the show go (40% to 32%), but even die-hard fans think it's time to say farewell to Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan, and the rest of the Upper East Side gang. (XOXO, though.)

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'Go On': The 'Friends' curse continues?
"Friends" star Matthew Perry returns to NBC this fall as a sports-talk DJ forced into group therapy on the new sitcom, "Go On." But viewers might not be ready to see Chandler Bing getting in touch with his feelings. When stacked up against time-slot competitors "New Girl" and "Happy Endings," only 10% of those surveyed opted for Perry's new show. And only 5% named "Go On" as the new fall show they were most excited about -- dead last among all the shows we surveyed. Ouch... is Courteney Cox looking for guest stars over on "Cougar Town," by any chance?

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'Revenge' vs. 'The Good Wife': The verdict is in
Those sadistic TV networks are making us choose between some of our favorite shows this fall by cruelly scheduling them head-to-head. (Quick promotional side-note: You can get the scoop on all the top match-ups and vote for your favorites with our Fall TV Time Slot Showdown.) One of the tighter races this fall will be Sundays at 9 PM, with ABC's glossy soap "Revenge" moving to the old "Desperate Housewives" slot to take on CBS's legal drama "The Good Wife." But our respondents' verdict is clear, opting for "Wife" over "Revenge," 60% to 40%. Oh well... that's what DVRs are for, right?