‘Facts of Life’ star Lisa Whelchel is divorced after 24 years of marriage

Lisa Whelchel, best known for playing the snooty Blair on "The Facts of Life," is divorced. The split occurred in March, a few days before Whelchel started work on "Survivor: Philippines."

The 49-year-old actress spoke with People about the end of her 24-year marriage to 61-year-old Steve Cauble. The two have three grown children together.

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Whelchel told the magazine, "The divorce was final on March 1, and [I] went out to be on 'Survivor' on March 10. Going out to 'Survivor' was helpful for me, to divert my attention and not just dwell on the loss."

Fans may know that Whelchel is a devout Christian who has often spoke about her faith and marriage. Whelchel met Cauble in a church prayer group back in 1986. In her memoir, "The Facts of Life," Whelchel wrote about how falling in love with her now-ex took some time and was rather unexpected. Whelchel has also written books and blogs on the benefits of home-schooling.

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During an interview for "Survivor: Philippines," Whelchel told the cameras that the money she earned from her time on TV was lost due to bad investments in the 1980s. She's keeping her celebrity status on the down-low on the show in case people assume she already has plenty of cash.

Whelchel also told People that even though she is now divorced, she and Cauble remain friends. "We will always be family, too," she said.

See Lisa Whelchel in action on last night's "Survivor" premiere: