'Elementary' Premiere Tweet-cap: Why Watson's Hot Date is Still All About Sherlock's Ego

The "Elementary" Season 2 premiere, "Step Nine," smartly reintroduced many elements from the original story while switching things up just enough to keep devotees engaged. This included the introduction of Mycroft Holmes (Rhys Ifans), Inspector Gareth Lestrade (Sean Pertwee), and 221B Baker Street. Most fans were thrilled to see these new faces and places.

Sherlock receives a phone call from "home" requesting that he fly out to help Inspector Lestrade, whom he had left high and dry back when he worked in London. Lestrade's drug of choice was the spotlight, and Sherlock had allowed him to take the credit for cases he was not responsible for solving. Many fans loved the "Elementary" version of Lestrade, but a few were left wanting more.

Sherlock proceeds to solve Lestrade's current case involving a murdered woman. Lestrade was correct in his belief that the husband was the killer but was doing shoddy detective work. It's not an easy case to solve, however, as it involves a plastic gun that had been created using a 3D printer and then melted down using acetone.

Sherlock solves the mystery by noticing a bottle of milk, along with a mask hanging lower on the wall than others in a set owned by the husband. The mask is hanging by a nail that was once used as a firing pin in a plastic gun — the only metal piece, which could not be melted down. Most fans were in awe, while others picked out the flaws.

Watson believes this is a great time for Sherlock to tackle Step 9 of his drug addiction treatment by making amends with Lestrade. Sherlock gives it a go, telling Lestrade that he'll be taking the credit for solving the case himself. Lestrade knows that Sherlock would never take credit, however, and steps into the spotlight once again. This is where fans' opinion of Lestrade went down the toilet.

While in London, Sherlock stays in 221B, where he used to live before moving to New York. He is shocked to find his brother, a slimmed-down Mycroft "Fatty" Holmes, has taken possession of his beloved apartment and removed all of Sherlock's items. Many fans went bonkers in favor of this version of Mycroft, others not so much.

Mycroft asks Watson to dinner, which Sherlock believes is an attempt to seduce and sleep with her. He also believes this is something Watson wants, because it's a way for her to sleep with a "cheap knockoff" of Sherlock himself.

Mycroft is actually interested in Watson's relationship with Sherlock. He hasn't been able to grow close enough to his brother to tell him that he has been very sick.

The episode closes with Mycroft informing Sherlock that he kept all of his brother's belongings in a nearby storage facility. He confesses that he wants to finally have a relationship with Sherlock and that Watson told him how: by getting his attention. He does so by blowing Sherlock's possessions to smithereens.

Fans of Mycroft and Lestrade adored the episode as a whole. What did you think? Sound off in the comments below!

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