The Bushenberg Bromance

"Ellen": Besides a heaping helping of Johnny Depp, we got side dishes of Michelle Pfeiffer and Chloë Moretz to go along with him! And when Ellen asked Chloë what her favorite Michelle Pfeiffer role was, she wasted no time before piping up with, "Well... Catwoman, obviously!" Whoa, Chlo! Have you never heard of "Dangerous Minds"? Or "Dangerous Liasons"? "Witches of Eastwick", anyone? Or what about "Baker Boys", or "Married to the Mob"?!? Hmm, well I guess she is only 15. She's probably not allowed to watch "Scarface"!

"Live! with Kelly": Okay, maybe that last part of Stephen Colbert reading from his childrens' book about poles was offensive. What do you think? Should we take a poll?

"Access Hollywood Live": I love Steve Guttenberg as much as the next person, and I can only imagine how hard it would be to contain myself if I ever got to interview him. But lets be honest, Billy was borderline creepy and inappropriate with Steve today! But because of my undying love for both of these men, I loved every second of the "Bushenberg" bromance!

"GMA": That must have been a really long and boring road trip the Harvard baseball team was on. For them to resort to showing off choreographed dance moves to Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song means they either had too much free time, or they just love to dance, or possibly both. But I mean these guys go to an Ivy League school, shouldn't they be studying or something? Wait, after seeing how bad their record was, shouldn't they have been practicing baseball instead?!

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