Style Secrets of ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2′!

Ever wondered how many T-shirts that "Twilight's" Jacob goes through in a movie (about 10!)? Or how the filmmakers keep the stars dry while filming in rainy locations? Then you're in luck! got all of the behind-the-scenes style secrets straight from "Breaking Dawn" costume designer Michael Wilkinson. Take a look through the photos to learn which "Twilight" characters inspired Renesmee's style, where the idea for the Amazonian vampires' costumes originated, and why the Volturi's outfits make that them much more intimidating.

Bella's transformation from human to vampire: In "Breaking Dawn — Part 2," Bella finally makes the transition from human to vampire, and Wilkinson was excited about creating her transformation. "I wanted to reflect her new confidence and power by creating a silhouette for the character that was clean, streamlined, and close to the body," Wilkinson said about vampire Bella. "We see Bella adjusting from being an uncertain teen to becoming a woman — she is no longer hiding in hoodies and boyish shirts, but embraces a tighter, smoother look that emphasizes her amazing physique."

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Alice's timeless style: "Styling the trendy vampire took some forethought. "When dressing a character that is fashionable one has to be aware that seasonal trends come and go," Wilkinson told "I chose pieces that have a timeless, classic feel. Pieces that evoke a stylishness and elegance without tying the film to a certain year."

Renesmee's style: Bella and Edward's daughter was born at the end of "Breaking Dawn — Part 1," and their half-vampire and half-human daughter is growing up fast! "I wanted Renesmee's clothes to reflect the styles of her two parents — the strength of her new vampire mom and the classic style of her father," Wilkinson said. Renesmee is both grounded and graceful, and Wilkinson wanted to reflect that in her wardrobe by dressing her in rich earth tones like greens, purples, and burnt oranges. "We also wanted to hint at the idea that her Aunt Alice may have had a hand in choosing some of the clothes!"

Bella's Vampire Transformation

The Volturi's costumes: "The Volturi held on to their favorite wardrobe details from the various eras that they had lived through," Wilkinson said about the ancient vampires. Look for details from the 17th and 19th centuries mixed in with modern tailoring. "I figured with their considerable resources, the Volturi enjoyed planning the intimidating impact of their elegant attire."

Jacob's new look: With Jacob's new love interest and protector instincts in full-force, the scenes that feature the werewolf stripping down had to take a back seat to his character's more serious role. "It was important for Taylor [Lautner] to achieve a certain gravity and earnestness in this film," Wilkinson said. "He had some pretty heavy scenes to perform."

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The werewolf strip-down: With the werewolves constantly changing forms, they went through clothing quicker than you could say "vampire." In order to keep up with the wolves' many costume changes, the designers needed many multiples of all their clothing. "Sometimes I found a jacket or a shirt that was perfect, but there was only one in the world," Wilkinson dished. In those cases, the costume designer worked with his team to create multiples of that piece from scratch. "We sourced the fabric, drafted up the pattern, stitched together the multiples, and then aged them to look worn-out and 'wolfy.'"

The Amazonian vampires' authentic costumes: Amazonian vampires Senna and Zafrina are introduced in this film, and they're sure to stand out in Forks, Washington. "Their costumes really leap off the screen," Wilkinson noted. While in South America shooting "Breaking Dawn — Part 1," Wilkinson found inspiration for their looks. "I took advantage of our time shooting the honeymoon scene in Brazil to acquire some authentic pieces from several different southern Amazonian tribes."

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The final battle scene: the Volturi: "Breaking Dawn — Part 2 culminates in a final battle scene between the Volturi and the Cullens, and the Volturi will be looking their best — if not a little intimidating. "I wanted them to have an imposing sense of authority," Wilkinson said. "I studied the professional clothing of the European courts over the last few centuries, and incorporated some of the silhouettes and details that seemed appropriate."

The final battle scene: the Cullens: While the Volturi will be dressed in ceremonial garb, Wilkinson wanted the Cullens and their allies' wardrobe to contrast with the ancient vampires. "I wanted the Cullens' allies to have an individual, non-uniform feel that emphasized the different personalities," he shared. "I used different textures and fabrics that were appropriate to their ethnicities." Plus, pay attention to the colors they're wearing! The Cullens are in warm and earthy tones, contrasted with the Volturi in cool grey, gold, and cardinal red.

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Bella's (almost ruined!) wedding dress: Filming in rainy locations like Oregon and Washington often resulted in problems with wardrobe, especially when shooting the wedding scene in "Breaking Dawn — Part 1." With only two multiples and a waterlogged aisle that had been painted greenish brown by the art department, Wilkinson had to deal with a nightmare! "I had a vision of the wet paint slowly creeping up the hem of the dress, but in the end we got away with it," he told "We shot the wide shot first, and sure enough, by the time we moved in for the close-ups, the hem was soaking up the paint like a thirsty sponge!"

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