Dakota Fanning Plays a Teen Bride

While most of us can't help but think of Dakota Fanning as the little girl she once was in movies like "I Am Sam" and "War of the Worlds," she's definitely growing up -- and her roles are becoming more mature, too. In her latest project, "Effie," the 17-year-old stars as the title character, Effie Gray, a teen bride who -- get this -- is involved in a love triangle with her husband, an art critic played by Greg Wise, and another artist, played by Tom Sturridge.

Still, as the New York University freshman recently confessed, the movie is nothing compared to the adult material she's handled before, such as 2007's "Hounddog," which featured a controversial rape scene. "I think actually in films I've done more adult things in other ones than I have in this one," Fanning revealed to the Associated Press. "But this is my first time being a wife and all of that, which is actually kind of exciting and very fun."

The film, written by Dakota's co-star and Wise's wife, Emma Thompson, also requires the "Twilight" actress to wear fashions that fit with the story's setting of 1840s London -- something Dakota doesn't seem to mind.

"Wearing a corset every day has been ... interesting," she told the AP with a laugh. "It really does make you feel like you are someone else in a different time. It takes a while to get dressed in the morning and to take everything off, and you kind of get a glimpse into what it was like not being able to take your own clothes off."

"Effie" is set to hit theaters in 2012. Will you catch Dakota's turn as a teen bride?

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