Gail Simmons: I’m Not Telling Anyone My Baby Names

Gail Simmons is used to being a tough critic as a judge on "Top Chef," but that doesn't mean the first-time mom wants anyone turning the tables on her when it comes to baby names.

''I'm not telling anyone any names. People judge," the 37-year-old dished to omg! at the QVC Presents FFANY Shoes on Sale event in New York City. "It's kind of like when you have that boyfriend and you break up and you tell your friends and they all tell you he was so terrible, and then you get back together and you know that your friends hated him and it's awkward."

Simmons and her husband of five years, Jeremy Abrams, announced that they're expecting the new addition to their family this winter and she says whatever name they choose will be their decision – period.

The cute pair will need to have both boy and girl names handy since they're not planning on finding out the gender of their baby ahead of time. "I want it to be a surprise. There are few things in life that are as exciting."

Whether she has a boy or a girl, the Canadian-born star says she's hoping her kiddo will share a similar love of food. "God willing this baby will eat everything. I hope that this kid is a good eater," she laughed. "It would be like punishment, something hilarious for me. The irony that I might get a baby that doesn't like to eat."

We seriously doubt the little one won't want to eat, especially since the Food & Wine editor says she hopes to make her own baby food before returning to work on the hit Bravo show. "I will take off some time to have my baby, relax, and enjoy that. And we'll think about the next season of ['Top Chef'] several months down the road."