Jessica Biel’s Dog Falls Asleep in an Unusual Spot

As any dog parent will tell you, you never know what your canine companion is going to like. You can buy him expensive toys and all he'll play with is his old tennis ball, or take him to the dog park and watch him ignore all the other pooches and just sit at your feet.

Case in point: Jessica Biel recently found that, despite the fact her pit bull Tina has a very comfy place to sleep inside the house, he's been choosing a very uncomfy spot to snooze lately: in a tree planter.

This week, Biel snapped pics of Tina lying in the dirt, her body wrapped around the tree, and her head hanging over the edge of the wooden planter.

"I promise I have an actual dog bed for her," Biel wrote on her WhoSay page, where she posted a few pics of the pup sleeping and one of her standing up in the same pot. "That doesn't even look comfortable!" Biel noted. The actress ended each post with "tuesdayswithtina," a hashtag she began using a few months ago in honor of her pup.

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The 30-year-old actress may have married beau Justin Timberlake this fall, but he hasn't come between her and her best friend. Biel and Tina have been inseparable for years and are often spotted on the beach, taking walks in L.A., dining at outdoor cafes, and even on the red carpet together.

But it seems that Tina's fave spot is right at home with her mama. Back in September, Biel posted a shot of Tina lying on top of her on the couch, writing, "My 55 pound blanket," and another of the dog relaxing on an oversized chair. Based on the views from Biel's patio, we wouldn't want to leave either!

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