Honey Boo Boo replaces her pet pig – with a chicken!

Honey Boo Boo shed some tears when she had to give away her pampered pig, Glitzy, but the little beauty queen is smiling once again now that she's the proud owner of a … pet chicken.

In a new photo on her Facebook page, Alana Thompson, the 6-year-old star of TLC's "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo," poses clutching the bird to her chest while giving her best pageant smile. And what name did the reality TV star give her new fowl friend? Nugget, of course.

"Meet Alana's new pet … chicken," her mother, June Shannon, wrote on Facebook. "Yes, I said chicken. Her and Nugget have become very attached this weekend." Shannon went on to explain that while the chicken has a coop outside, her daughter refuses to let the animal sleep there. "[Nugget] sleeps inside at night in her inside cage."

Nugget takes the place of Glitzy the pig, which — despite Honey Boo Boo's protests — was returned to its breeder over the summer. Although the little girl considered the pig — which had painted nails! — her personal good luck charm, the animal was keeping Shannon from getting a good night's sleep with all its squealing. In the episode in which Glitzy was given back, Honey Boo Boo cried her eyes out. "I don't want him to go," she sobbed.

Life for Glitzy post-Honey Boo Boo hasn't been so bad though. The animal was returned to the Posh Pigs breeder in Georgia and is now a star among his pig pals. Glitzy has his own bed in an air conditioned room, and loves playing in the kiddie pool, according to the breeder's website. But that's not all — last week, Anderson Cooper flew the pig to New York and had it as a guest on his daytime talk show. If squeals determine happiness, Glitzy had a great time on the show.

Perhaps a reality TV show deal for the pig is next? We wouldn't be surprised.

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