Will Smith Is Full of It

Will and Jaden Smith (Getty Images)
Will and Jaden Smith (Getty Images)

In a new interview with Esquire, Will Smith claims that his son, the teenage mystic Jaden Smith, does not care about money.

Esquire: You've talked about "slavery to dollars."
WS: You never lose the mentality. It's such a strange thing. Jaden, my sixteen-year-old, he has one pair of shoes.
Esquire: That's it?
WS: He has three pair of pants and he has five shirts.
Esquire: Total?
WS: Total. He has refused to be a slave to money. I so respect that.

Ha. Too bad Will Smith forgot that the Internet exists. Here are two pictures from Jaden's own Instagram, one from January 19 and the other posted January 23.

(Jaden Smith/Instagram)
(Jaden Smith/Instagram)

Those are two different pairs of shoes.

Not to mention that a quick search will yield photos of Jaden Smith wearing any number of different shirts, so long as that number is considerably higher than five.

Here are Jaden and Will talking to New York magazine in 2013:

New York: Is it hard to educate your kids to be responsible about money when they grew up with wealth?
Will: It’s funny. Willow and Trey went in completely the opposite direction. Like, Willow only shops at Target. Jaden is really the only one of my kids that has a little bit of a taste for, uh …
Jaden: I like Cartier.
Will: That's a little new.
Jaden: The Cartier is new, but before that it was Louis [Vuitton].
Will: Yes, he has a little bit of a taste. But he connects his responsibility to working and creating to the fun that he enjoys with the finer things.

According to the company's website, the cheapest men's Cartier watch costs $2,740.

Perhaps Will Smith was speaking to Esquire about a new philosophy his son has adopted, perhaps Jaden has sworn off Cartier and now lives like Buddhist monk. Or perhaps Will Smith is full of it.

*The headline of this post has been altered to better reflect the jocular tone in which the article is intended.