Why Was Shailene Woodley Barefoot on the ‘Spectacular Now’ Red Carpet?

Breaking your heel on a red carpet might be considered a Hollywood starlet's worse nightmare, but that's not the case for Shailene Woodley.

While at a screening in Los Angeles on Tuesday night for her new film, "The Spectacular Now," the 21-year-old actress's heel snapped while she was standing and talking to reporters.

"I'm so freaking stoked," Shailene told omg! about the mishap. "Now I have to go barefoot."

For what it's worth, we did witness the heel breaking in two.

"You witnessed it!" Woodley told omg!. "So when people are like 'Shai's such a hippie, she does the red carpet without shoes, how disrespectful,' you can be like, 'She broke her heels and her shoes!'"

Woodley has been known to put an interesting foot forward on event carpets before.

While "The Descendants" star was at the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards, she posed for pictures on the carpet sans shoes, and after the Golden Globe Awards that same year, the nominee ditched her heels for barefoot running shoes. The actress was spotted wearing the same athletic footwear when she touched down at LAX on Saturday.

So what gives … no webbed shoes tucked away in Shailene's handbag in case of fashion emergencies Tuesday night?

"I do have them!" she laughed. "I don't know where they are right now, in the car somewhere."

"Shai would be going barefoot whether her shoes snapped or not," her "Spectacular Now" co-star Miles Teller chimed in.

Heels or no heels, Shailene looked gorgeous in a black Prabal Gurung ensemble with minimal makeup and her hair pulled back in a ponytail for the screening at Vista Theater.

"I chose this outfit because it's comfortable and this [necklace] is badass," Shailene explained. The "Divergent" actress is particular (in a good way) and very self-aware when dressing for events. "My necklace is from a little shop in Venice Beach. I just loved all the different stones, jade, and the turquoise is from Hawaii."

Following the screening Shai, Miles, and the rest of "The Spectacular Now" cast celebrated the last day of their press tour at Rockwell bar in Los Feliz, California.

Woodley — who will be starring alongside Miles again in "Divergent" — appeared to be having a blast as she mingled with Teller and the crew. While she ditched her formalwear for jeans and a blouse, those who are keeping shoe tabs on the former "Secret Life of the American Teenager" star will be interested to know she found replacement heels for the after-party.

Now, would a hippie do that?!

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