Weight-Obsessed Amanda Bynes: I Want to Lose 21 Pounds

Despite her mounting legal issues, Amanda Bynes remains focused on one thing that is very important to her: her weight.

In a strange new feature with Us Weekly, the troubled former child star reveals “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me,” with three of those facts pertaining to diet and exercise.

“I moved to New York City and I love it!,” No. 15 reads. “I lost 4 lbs. since I moved. I'm 121 lbs – my goal is 100 lbs.”

That goal, of course, is not such a great idea considering that Bynes stands at 5’7” … for which a “healthy” weight range is between 127 and 159 pounds.

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The retired actress, who cites Diet Coke, macaroons, and eggplant Parmesan amongst her favorites, also tells the mag, “I gain weight quickly so I need to work out constantly.”

And she’s not just hitting the gym. Bynes recently revealed her latest fitness adventures. “Taking gymnastic classes bwaha,” she tweeted on February 8. Six days later, she added, “Heading to stripper classes!” along with a photo of her posing in a brunette wig. Strangely, the 26-year-old went on to tweet the same photo three additional times, each with different captions, over the span of seven hours.

She also retweeted a friend who referred to her as “skinny” on February 7, the same day she also wrote about … you guessed it, working out.

Amongst the other nuggets Bynes revealed to Us Weekly: the Spice Girls were her first concert, she used Accutane to clear up her skin, her grandparents are from Toronto, and she “survived” Hurricane Sandy.

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The bizarre interview comes at an even more bizarre time. The former “What I Like About You” actress faces a DUI and two counts of driving without a license in Los Angeles, which she has plead not guilty to for all charges. (She settled two additional hit-and-run charges out of court with the victims in December.)

Bynes is also reportedly living in a hotel in NYC after leaving her SoHo apartment building before management got the chance to evict her. According to the New York Post, her neighbors were freaked out by her bizarre behavior, including laughing to herself in the lobby and constantly leaving her door wide open.

“We saw that she put red [lightbulbs] in every outlet,” one former neighbor told the newspaper. Sure enough, one look at Bynes’ Instagram feed shows a number of photos lit with a red glow, including a shot of her bedroom and close-ups of her breasts and legs.

We like Amanda just the size she is … and hope one day she will, too!

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