Wayne Newton Moving Out of 40-Acre Vegas Estate After Multi-Year Battle

The curtain is closing on the Las Vegas estate Wayne Newton has called home for the last 45 years.

After years of complicated litigation between the legendary performer and a business partner who also owned the home — which involved everything from bankruptcy reorganization to fraud allegations to conspiracy claims — Newton, 71, has reached an undisclosed settlement with the partner, no longer has an ownership in the estate, and, along with his wife, Kathleen, and their young daughter, has moved out.

Newton and the other party initially entered into the partnership together a few years back with the intention of turning the 40-acre estate, dubbed Casa da Shenandoah, into a tourist attraction with plans for Newton to remain on the property. The opulent gated home includes an airplane hangar, boarding area, equestrian facilities including stables, and a lake, and has been home to dozens of wild and domesticated animals. It remains unclear if the home will actually be turned into the planned attraction.

Though few photos have ever surfaced of the home, a virtual tour of the estate is actually available online, most likely created when the estate was put on the market earlier this year, which features many pictures of the exterior of the property and even inside shots the property's plane. (The listing agent did not return omg!'s call for comment.)

Back when the property hit the market, Kathleen Newton claimed the couple wasn't going anywhere. "We stay here until we choose to leave. We have that right," she told The Associated Press in March. "Even if at some point the property gets sold, it gets sold with us here."

But it seems, the couple changed their tune. "There were some conflicts that were just settled just this week," Newton's publicist Kevin Sasaki tells omg!. "We sold his interest in it. All litigation is settled."

And don't be concerned that Newton and family have ended up on the street. Sasaki says the 'Danke Schoen" singer has moved into a 20-acre estate on the east side of Las Vegas, which was previously owned by Las Vegas producer Norbert Aleman. "Wayne has been able to house his 20 peacocks and exotic birds there," he says. According to reports, the property cost $3 million and the property's main structure totals 9,000 square feet and includes three bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms, and a pool and spa.

As for what the fabled performer is up to these days? "He is still constantly touring," Sasaki shares. "He's still a draw. He's still a legend."

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