Watch a 'Hammered' Charlie Sheen Greet Fans at a Taco Bell Drive-Thru

Say what you will about Charlie Sheen, but you can always count on the man to be entertaining — even when he's hanging out at a Taco Bell drive-thru.

(Warning: Sheen swears at one point early on in this clip.)
Posted to YouTube by Razzle App, which describes itself as "a simple app that allows you to quickly add text to new or existing videos," the new Charlie video quickly began to go viral. As of Wednesday morning, it already had over 150,000 views.
In the clip, the actor's summoned over to a fan's car. "She's a big fan," the guy taking the video says of his gal pal, who is sitting in the passenger seat.

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The Anger Management star then proceeds to show off a couple of his tattoos — one of Charlie Brown and another of the Cincinnati Reds  — after being assured by the couple that they're not fighting with each other.
The pair is then introduced to Sheen's friend Gary, who's hanging off in the distance.

And that's about all that happens. But somehow, it's all still kind of amazing because it's such a raw encounter with "happy Charlie" in his full glory.
When it comes to embarrassing YouTube videos of inebriated celebrities, we'd rate this encounter somewhere below "David Hasselhoff vs. hamburger" and just above "Kiefer Sutherland vs. Christmas tree."
What do you think? Is this perhaps one of the best "intoxicated celeb" videos of all time?
It's certainly one of the best performances we've seen from the Warlock in a while!